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Thank You
Sam Houston High School Veterans!
Welcome Home!

WE NEED PICTURES of you while in service. preferably at a duty station.
If you consent to them being posted on this website, email to
Emery Heuermann at


  • David Baker ~ US Navy
  • Donald Baker ~ Navy
  • Jim Bell ~ Army, Vietnam, flew helicopters, career soldier
  • Royce Borho ~ Air Force
  • Kennan Bowden ~ Marine Corps, VietNam, buddy plan with Ernie Carr

  • Richard Boyett (deceased) ~ Air Force
  • Ernest "Ernie" Carr ~ Marine Corps, buddy plan with Kennan Bowden
  • Raymond Coates ~ Marine Corps

  • Wendell Coffee ~ Texas Army National Guard
  • Leroy Curry ~ ?

  • Wallace Escobedo (deceased) ~ Army
  • Donald Forcha, Jr. ~ Army, Germany
  • Richard Frizzell ~ Navy
  • Don Gibson ~  ?
  • Donald Gilstrap ~ ?

  • Jim Godwin ~ Air Force
  • Dennis Grace ~ Army, Vietnam
  • Mike Grayson ~ Marine Corps
  • Larry Grohman ~ Army
  • Clifton Head ~ USMC, Navy, 28 years
  • Don Hewitt ~ Army, Vietnam
  • Dennis Hilmers ~ Army, Nuremburg Germany, Medic

  • Delaney Howard ~ Army
  • Winnerd Hutto ~ Army
  • Christopher Jones ~ Marine Corps
  • James Kennedy
  • Norman Lanford ~ Army Reserve, MP

  • Terry Liles ~ Army, Inteligence, a for real spook
  • James Ronald " Ronny" Mahaffey ~ (deceased 1990) Army, Vietnam, 1968-1969
  • John Manahan ~ Air Force
  • Larry Mobley ~ Marines Corps, in Vietnam

  • Brown Nevels ~ Air Force
  • George Norman, Army, Vietnam, deceased, 1947-1989
  • Larry Noskrent ~ Army
  • John O'Connell ~ Navy
  • Dennis Odstrcil (deceased) ~ Air Force

  • James Osborn ~ Marine Corps
  • Bennie M. Parker ~ Marine Corps
  • Tommy Reed ~ Air Force
  • Larry Rice ~ Army, Vietnam 2 tours, career soldier, officer, Airborne, last duty station 3/163 Armored Cavalry Regiment, Tank Company Commander, retired 1990.

  • Douglas Creg Singletary ~ Air Force, Sam Houston ROTC Commander, Korea, career soldier

  • Arthur Valerio ~ Air Force
  • Harry Ver Douw ~ Army
  • Forest Walker ~ Army
  • Donald Warren ~ Marine Corps
  • Stan West ~ Army

  • R. T. Williams ~ Marine Corps
  • Marlin Winslow ~ Army
  • Kerry Woods ~ Army

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Note to all: I tried to turn off the advertisements in each of the above links
but couldn't figure out how. It's still a good "Listen".

Note: Just as Iraq and Afghanistan is todays generational conflict, in 1965 (and for the next  seven years), Vietnam was ours. The above music is not meant to be a political statement. It is just a reminder of high proud we can all be of our Sam Houston High School veterans for doing their duty. Whether they agreed or disagreed with the Vietnam war, they answered their Call to Duty.

We may or may not have current information on each Veteran but if you see someone you would like to make contact with, send an email to me and I will forward your information to the Tiger. The classmate; in turn, will make contact with you if they wish to do so.

To make sure we have the most current information on yourself and your service to our country, send me an email  with the updated information. Please provide your most current mailing address and telephone number as well. If you prefer to send it in writing, the mailing address is located on the "Contact Us" web page.

Also, if you see someone on the "Missing Tigers" and or "Deceased Tigers" list that you have information on, please let us know about that as well.

We would like to keep the list of Veteran classmates as up to date as possible and with your help, we can.

Emery Heuermann

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