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“45 Year Reunion”


The 45 Year reunion was held on Saturday, Sept 25, 2010 at James Slaughters ranch "NORTHSIDE” in Woodville, Texas. We had a great attendance with 141 alumni and guests. The meeting hall was decorated in our school colors, black and gold. The temperature was a little warm in the afternoon but a rain shower cooled everything down. Lots of alumni from all over Texas attended.

Highpoints included:
  • a wonderful setting, Northside Ranch, by James Slaughter
  • a slide show sponsored by Arthur Henley
  • veterans table and yearbooks table by Emery Heuermann
  • huge "Welcome Back" banner courtesy of Caren Reynolds Cates
  • name tags by Linda Wiggins Windsor
  • check in table set up and directed  by Linda Groce Boze
  • Jason Allen band sponsored by Jack Sirman
  • Fonville table with displays by Marilyn Maniscalco Henley
  • ice and water for 175 people by Ernie Carr and Joel Sewell
  • Bar B Que by James and Shirley Slaughter
  • a cake (of course), courtesy of Caren Reynolds Cates amd Patricia Osina

Of particular interest, Arthur Henley developed a slide show presentation that acknowledged many of the people who helped put the reunion together and honored the memory of alumni who have passed on. Click here to view the slide show presentation presented by Arthur Henley and Emery Heuermann.  

Click here to a Picture Album of pictures taken on the day of the reunion. For background, these 84 slides were extracted from over 500 pictures taken. Many thanks to the following picture contributors:
  • Kennan Bowden
  • William Cain
  • Linda Salinas DeLeon
  • Marilyn Maniscalco Henley
  • Emery Heuermann
  • Brown Nevels
  • Linda Bell Perez
  • Patrick Rutledge
  • Sherman Sims
  • James Slaughter
  • Bryan Smothers
  • Linda Wiggins Windsor
  • Merlin Winslow
A huge Thank You to Marilyn Henley for her efforts to accumulate all these pictures from the various sources and put a name with a face.  PLEASE notify Marilyn of any corrections. The CD with all pictures is available for $15.00. Please contact Marilyn for details.

A huge Thank You also goes out to James Slaughter. While not only furnishing the meeting locale and bar b que, he sponsored power point guru Shenoa Flack to put a slide show together. Ms Flack, along with Marilyn and James, pulled from over 500 pictures taken that day into the 84 slide presentation you see on this website. James Slaughter then mailed it out to as many attendees as there were addresses for.  What can we say but "Thank You James for your generosity". Click here to view the 45 Year Reunion Picture Album.

Well that's a wrap for the 45 year reunion. As we look forward to number 50, let's all stay healthy. In the  interim,  the reunion committee is trying hard to make contact with as many Tigers as possible to Invite them to the 50th reunion but we need your help. Please let us know if your contact information changes or if you have NOT heard from us in the last 2 years. A quick email to Marilyn is all that is needed.

As with any class, there are "Missing Classmates".  Please take a moment to review the list of missing Tigers and if you see someone you know or have contact information for, please send the information to Marilyn Maniscalco Henley at . As we continue to locate and re-establish contact with missing Tigers, the mailing list is updated as new information becomes available. Your help will be sincerely appreciated.

On behalf of the reunion committee, we hope you enjoyed the 45 year reunion and will participate in #50.

Take care!

Emery Heuermann
your 1965 Sam Houston High School webmaster
This page was last updated: May 12, 2019
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